If you want to be a true aimvision user you need to use words fit to be among the ranks. Using the right combination of zingers and triggerwords in the shoutbox can earn you an aimvision status!


Generic Aimvision words you may come across in conversation.

  • Dank - Response to something really cool
  • Stank - Response to something cool
  • Fuccboi - Response to something who doesn't even know what they are doing
  • 420 - Only post at 4:20PM/AM
  • Aimer - The name of anonymous Aimvision users also used on
  • Aimsley - The mascot of Aimvision
  • Totally Tubular - Response to something super cool
  • Dude - Best way of referring to other Aimvision staff
  • Radicool - Response to something cool
  • Smack - Referring to someone talking bullshit
  • ShinDank - Celebrating something dank
  • Snap - Dang!
  • Dogeboi - Referring to someone using the doge meme in a non-aimvision way which is shunned upon
  • Memelord - Referring to someone using a normal non-aimvision meme which is shunned upon
  • Supreme Gent - A really cool guy
  • Rofl / Lmao - End your sentences with these and Jace will be proud.
Secret codes unknown to man

The Aimvision Shoutbox


Here is a list of trigger words that really trigger people. You can combine these with zingers or make your own dank words to be a true warrior of the Aimvision chatbox!


Use these wisely. We lost 3 good wiki users to collect these words. The triggers were too much for them to handle.

8Chan Wordfilters


Super secret admin only content from the Aimvision web board which is hosted on the anonymous 8Chan posting website. Many words have been replaced with more higher quality words chosen by Jace himself including both Zingers and Triggers.