DankMom420 Exclusive

Dankmom420's Aimvision avatar depicting DankMom herself exhaling cannabis out of every facial orifice.

DankMom420 is the lead developer of the EarVision playlist that you hear on there is even a neat download button for the playlist at the bottom right of the Aimvision website. She has been with Aimvision from the very start.

As of 2015...

Sadly DankMom420 has condensed into a super-massive blackhole recently as she was shovelling several hundred metric tonnes of Twinkies down her gob. However our top scientists at Aimvision HQ have been able to communicate with her as she sends blasts of cosmic radiation impulses we are able to detect in our upper ozone layer. Through these cosmic ways she tells Jace what songs she thinks are dank and wants to have embedded into the Aimvision website. So far she is the biggest fan of Aimvision.


DankMom420 is seen splitting a massive fart and releasing cosmic radiation reaching all across the galaxy.