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Danks guitar hero

dank shared an image of himself playing guitar hero with his self made guitar bong. Incredible craftsmanship.

Surprisingly DankNSmack is strongly against hacking and denies any use of hacks. Though Dank is the lead cannabis, hash weed and blazeIT powder supplier to the Aimvision community not much else is known of DankNSmack to date. Dank has refused all forms of communication from our wiki base.

Possible locations?

Egypt / Gaza?



Favorite Quotes

  1. O for fuck sake
  2. Fuck off
  3. Fucking bullshit
  4. Its just a cluster fuck of frigging AOE'S!
Sams Basement

This is a photo of the Aimvision Dank Weed supply taken last Christmas at a Mass suicide to raise awareness for the RSPCA.