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Benjdank420 is a top dank dude who vapes only the highest quality dank. He is considered a heavy duty hacker and has had multiple infractions with the republic of Colombia. He has control over 3 different goggle plantations in Brazil. A high quality distributor and supplier of Aimvision wares. As a platinum warrior of the Aimvision cult he is not to be messed with.

The origin of Benjdank420 is highly unknown though read from the scriptures of 'The Tales of Dank' read some parts of Benjdank420 pre-dating the 1700's with baffling results. It seems the dank trade has been around a lot longer than most people would seem it be.

It is also said that carved in stone is the story of an ancient Japanese warrior that went by the name of Benji-Danku in the time of 420 BC. Benji-Danku was said to have killed two hundred thousand men in the blink of an eye. He had mastered the art of Aimvision... with a katana.
Benjdanks brazillian weed farm

one of benjdank420's Brazillian Aimvision *goggle* plantations

Possible Location? Edit

Guantanamo Bay?


White Castle?