Jace Spobius is unknown of true identity and it is unconfirmed if Jace Spobius is his real name that he claims to go by.

Jace is supposedly the head developer of and creator of most of the 'memes' that are held on the page.

The real Jace Spobius?

Jace without his 'Aimvision' goggles.

Here are a few known facts about Jace.

  • His favourite anime show is Seinfeld.
  • Listens to Chillwave / Trap mix tapes
  • A frequent poster on 8chan
  • Often refers to things as 'stank' or 'dank'
  • Always replies to questions or concerns with memes and convoluted text usually ending with 'rofl' or 'lmao'
  • Online alias changes many times though mostly known as 'Dudeman'

We sent a message in through the portal asking questions about himself and the website. We received these responses.

Interviewer: "I'm here to ask a few questions for the aimvision wikia, are you ok with this Jace?"
Jace: "Aimvision is a wiki now? lol thats dank as fuck!"
Interviewer: "So who do you truly identify as? Jace / Dudeman?"
Jace: "Lmao idk I'm Jace dude."
Interviewer: "What is aimvision really?"
Jace: "Aimvision is a way of life brah its prolly 2 deep 4 u fuccbois 2 understand so w/e nerd lmao."
Interviewer: "Is Aimvision actually a group for cheaters in online games?"
Jace: "LOL! were did u find that info?? no we dont hack ROFLMAO!!!!"
Interviewer: "So what is the real reason behind Aimvision?"
Jace: "Sick IP dude, you live at Colorado 6603 Burning Anchor Byway right?"
Interviewer: "What?! No please stick to the questions!"
Jace: "Yo dude I hope your hungry I ordered 40 large meat lover pizzas just for you, ur gonna have to pay though."
Jace: "get owned fag lmao."
As you can see Jace is a very tech savvy man and will stop at nothing to cause you grief. Do not approach this man online.

He managed to track my IP to my house and ordered 40 said pizzas. The whole situation was a blow-over and I had to explain it all to the pizza company after they threatened to sue.

Possible Location?

Middle East

Favourite Quotes

  2. Allahu Akbar! *followed by loud explosion*
  3. Weed
  4. Wut?
Early aimvision goggles built into beanie for warmth and maximum precision

The main picture featured on '' is supposedly Jace Himself.

An aimvision Jace meme

A meme created by Jace to criticise people for not hacking at this present time. While also utilizing his frequent 'lmao' sting phrase.

Built in admin scanner AIMVISION

Jace with his early 'aimvision' goggles