Nguyen's infamous avatar

Nguyen's avatar. It is a take on the Rage Guy meme.

Nguyen is an infamous hacker from that uses every exploit avaliable to enrage and 'troll' the online community. He claims to be vietnamese but from his posts of aimvision forums he is depicted as to be from the middle east. His accomplice Jace is also claimed to be from these regions due to his high latency and radical IP locations in most video games both Northern and Southern regions. Nguyen does not regret anything and pursues his goal to be the most hated icon on the internet. Nguyen uploads grief videos to the youtube channel SUPERSTANK.TV which most videos are made in supporting the aimvision websites expansion. As of recently most of his videos have been made private.

Past accounts possibly 'Resident President Ronald Regan of the United States of the Americas' as these are linked to the aimvision website.

Nguyen driving his dads car

Nguyen driving his dads BMW in Dubai.

His real identity still isn't confirmed but his past location consists of Dubai and circulating the Middle East. He is very close friends with Jace and Ying&Dank.

Rumour circulating he was an Asian started from his online alias 'Nguyen' which is an extremely common name in Vietnamese culture.

Possible Location? Edit

Middle East

Egypt / Gaza?