Oldmates rampage path

Indian camp in ruins - Tennessee depicting the destruction path OLDMATE left

Way back in 1992 it was a time when OLDMATEMAN had finally had enough. He hoisted his tents and compacted his mobile camp into his M4A3E8 Fury. Leaving nothing but 17 empty cartons of Wild Turkey he set out on his mission to eradicate the Muslims. Half-way through Nashville Tennessee he came across a wild outpost of indians. They surrounded his Fury and OLDMATE had such a mad head rush he couldn't tell if he was in Takistan or still in the States. He pulled down his beta Aimvision goggles and started spraying the browning .50 cal while yelling and making turkey gobbling sounds. "CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNTS FUUUUUCKED!" he spouted as he aimbotted the last few indians. Leaving nothing left but a dank, red mist. OLDMATEMAN has still not been found to this day. He still roams the plains in his tank at night browsing 8chan on his faptop. Unseen by all.

Good drinks

The beverage of genocidal tank drivers.