Operation Red Akbar emblem.

Operation Red Akbar also known as the '2009 Green Goggle Siege' to normal people was a gruesome battle that was so fierce the very world stood still to see its outcome.

Back in the Middle East it was again of course a victory for Aimvision as the bloodied warriors emerged from the mists of war.

Dudeman, Nguyen, RIG, OLDMATEMAN, DankNSmack and Ying&Dank wiping their foreheads of sweat and munching on their trademark aim enhancing Aim Nuffins. They had finished a final battle to behold.

No one knows what happened exactly but the 6 Aimvision users went back on a revenge rampage to take back the Aimvision valuables that were stolen during the 2008 Capture of Jace Spobius. No lives were spared, women and children were all aimbotted to death. There was only one reporter only said to survive the quickscoping onslaught. He was a former Punkbuster employee. Before this information was highly sought after and kept down low but now that it was revealed it isn't very secret now.