What Was Operation Seinfeld blasta

Operation Seinfeld blasta was a attempt by ISIS or ISIL insurgents "Primarily Twitter hackers" to infiltrate the Aimvision network and cause major disruptions by very loud distorted Seinfeld intro music across the network there by reducing all the Aim's in the immediate vicinity.

Sinefield blaster

Blasta effects

Immediate effects may include

  1. A immediate urge to take a dump
  2. Urge to tell Dank And Stank to shut up
  3. Teamspeak fucking up again

Prolonged exposure

  1. Fecal matter excreating itself from the head of one's weiner
  2. Rewatching all seasons of Seinfeld until one dies of dehydration
  3. A ringing in the ears that progressivley sounds like bagziga

Fun fact did you know

  1. The get away vehicle used in this attack was a 2004 ba xr6.
  2. The first trigger of the blasta did major damage to dank and stank ears as his speakers were set to max by the ISIS/ISIL insurgents.
  3. Bizarrely dank and stank as decided to keep the blasta as his login sound god know why?