The 'Slaton Sisters' or more scientifically labelled as 'Slatonnus Fattius Lardassarus' are huge behemoth beings that dwell among the ever expanding Youtube. Their reason of being on the internet is unknown yet they like to address the fact they indeed love to eat food. It seems everything they own is delivered via which is also their greatest weakness.

2001 slaton odyssey

2001 slaton odyssey

It could even be that the Slatons were in contact with ISIS and ordered 300 billion metric tonnes of Twinkies to no avail. As ISIS didn't even know what these heffer beasts were squawking about the deal was cancelled. This picked up the attention of the US special operations unit, including Jace Spobius. Jace is sworn enemy to these hulking masses as they are huge threats to the Earth.

If threatened these chunks use anything available to defend themselves even farting is one of their most destructive weapons. The last resort is usually calling customer support. As these sisters are a huge investment and heavy buyer to companies produce, customer support utilize any ordnance at their own disposal to make sure any threats to the Slatons are dealt with.

Not much else is known of them. Stay aware and be vigilant, keep an eye out of these terrorists.