Aimvision Goggles Also used in the Aimvision memes

The trademark goggles of the Aimvision website. Edit

Little is known of the origin and how they work exactly but this article will shed some light.

The Aimvision Goggles are supposed to have aim and sight enhancing powers thus the ability to be able to have almost 'cheater' like abilities in online gaming. Not only used for gaming but possible usage in the outside world. These enhancing goggles let you see through materials as well as speeding up arm reflexes to align perfectly down sight. Great for weapons. And this is what caught the eye of the Taliban.

Taliban takeover of late October 2008 ... Edit

When Aimvision was far behind in development the Taliban radicals caught eye of the Aimvision Goggles and they could think of nothing else than to have control of such a product. Jace was kidnapped by the radicals and kept in a cave to work in horrifying conditions to replicate and enhance these goggles. Building the perfect pair of goggles. Jace did not intend to give up these goggles as he strapped them on and emerged from the cave. He grabbed a sleeping guards AK74-SU. Then Jace started spinning around with and with stunning accuracy he unloaded half of the gun clip. Within a few short moments 27 Taliban rebels laid dead all around the cave camp. Each with a perfect bullet hole straight between the eyes. This marked the day of the true Aimvision rising.

Rebel Soldiers using early versions of aimvision

Taliban Radicals with early Aimvision Goggles.

Beyond 2015 ... Edit

Aimsley Barriot

Ainsley Barriot.

Aimvision was finally adapted into a website. One with full sustainability to its community. Though primitive in design its appearance was enough to deter the weak. And allowing room for the true veterans to gather their potential. The Aimvision mascot was also created. Aimsley Barriot.

Following Operation Red Akbar. Aimvision has been quiet lately. Sometimes appearing as a pubstomping clan in games such as CS:S or DOTA 2. Usually matches end in butthurt from the enemy team and accusations of hacking. But in the end Aimvision will keep on aiming. As said in the websites title, The Real Aiming Starts Here.